Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem Búsuló Juhász Étterem
1118 Budapest, Gellért hegy, Kelenhegyi út 58.
+36 1 209 1649
member of Castan Group


We love to host, tell stories to our guest, how our kitchen team prepare the dishes, why do we choose these wines for our wine card, how we can find our partners and ingredients.

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Dear Visitor!

Day by day we thrive to search for the spices of our life, which give a special bouquet for our moments. I found this secret for twenty years now. I found the spring of my life in the world of delicious food and drinks, in catering. Since then I believe and profess that without spices our life is going to be saltless too.

Our ancestors probably followed this philosophy when they fought battles for spice frights which were competitive with gems and precious metals. The history of our restaurant might be simple compared to this adventurous journey but it definitely was an interesting one since the Búsuló Juhász had a long way too till the pitch of its success.

The restaurant opened in 1937 as a rest-house. It took almost 30 guest-full years to put on a brand new garment. The new gown made history since the bar of the restaurant was the only one in the city which had music and dancing possibilities till the morning. The young and luxurious life of the Búsuló Juhász ended in 1992 when a new spectacular revolution began. The ancient building was demolished and from its ruins a new building has been raised.

Through our terraces we can offer a unique panoramic view and fascinating scenery which supplements the tastes of our meals and beverages, our guests can enjoy not only indulge their taste buds but their eyes as well.

Our restaurant furnished with fine elegance can offer an ideal place for entertaining 120 persons in the same time, while our cosy separate room for 60. 

The terrace and our separate rooms are quite popular wedding, company and family event venues. The bourgeois elegance of the saloon attracts company functions as well. The well separated banquet-hall is appropriate for  smaller events, press conferences, and family celebrations.

The titbits prepared in our traditional Hungarian large earthenware oven or in our home smoke-house not only enrich the selection of our house but also make it unique.. The assortment of our menu is made up from the delicacies of the Hungarian bourgeois cuisine. It is completed by such specialities like the freshly baked home bread or our patés.

We love to host, to tell our guests how our kitchen staff prepares their meal, how we select wine for our wine card, how we found our partners and what ingredients we use.

We would like to rethink and make our old restaurant fashionable with lucid, delicate dishes, good wines and professional service.
The staff of the restaurant feel as their second home the Búsuló Juhász restaurant. Our life is the hospitality. We spend most of our time together and when we are not here in the restaurant, we think about that how we can make our job better, how we can meet the expectations of our own and our guests. Where ever we go , we look for something new and find the possibility to get better ingredients.

Hopefully these few thoughts highlight the unique value  we can offer to our guests at Búsuló Juhász in Budapest.

Best regards
Búsuló Juhász's management


Great restaurant
Warm welcome. English spoken! Opted for the chef's recommendation three courses; tantalising little bursts of flavour from the elements of the peach soup with almonds, beautifully cooked and...
Steve L (2018. 09.) Read full review
Delicious food and superb service
We had a lovely dinner at this restaurant, the service was excellent, prices reasonable and the food was absolutely delicious. My husband said the duck was magnificent, he would go back again just...
Sue W (2018. 08.) Read full review
Unexpected surprise on the way to the citadel.
We just came here to have a drink but stayed here for the diner because it was a little late and we were sitting comfortable on the cosy terrace with a nice view.

We had a tasteful higher level...
JO-9880 (2018. 08.) Read full review

Our team


Chef’s offers

39 €
Trout tartar, lime aioli
0 €
Cold peach soup, almond, minth meringue, peach cuthney
0 €
Pikr perch, lemon pasta, lobster sauce, prawn
0 €
Truffle mille feuille, rhubarb, fig
0 €
Cold peach soup, almond, minth meringue, peach cuthney
6 €
Spiced spare ribs, bacon ratte potato, marinated onion
16 €
Duck leg, oyster mushroom, quinoa, beetroot
13 €
Truffle mille feuille, rhubarb, fig
10 €

» Allergic information (pdf)


Sommelier recommendation

Francois President Brut 2014/ Methodé Traditionelle
5 € / 0,1 l glass
Konyári Loliense 2017/ Balatonboglár, Rádpuszt
5 € / 0,15 l glass
Hetényi Cirfandli 2017/ Pécs, Mecseknádasd
5 € / 0,15 l glass
Kamocsay Grand Ezerjó 2015/ Mór
6 € / 0,15 l glass
Villa Tolnay Zöldveltelini Föld 2015/ Badacsony, Csobánc
5 € / 0,15 l glass
Mád Hárslevelű 2015/ Tokaj, Mád
4 € / 0,15 l glass
Figula Rosé 2017/ Batanfüred-Csopak, Balatonfüred
4 € / 0,15 l glass
Nyolcas és Fia Bikavér 2015/ Eger
6 € / 0,15 l glass
Sauska Cuvée 7 Villány 2015/ Villány
12 € / 0,15 l glass
KGallay Zweigelt 2013/ Mátra, Nyékládháza
7 € / 0,15 l glass
Szarka Dénes Cuvée 2016 /Mád
4 € / 0,5 dl glass
Mikóczi Cabernet Sauvignon 2012/ Szekszárd, Báta
6 € / 0,15 l glass
Bodrog Borműhely Mesés 2013/ Bodrogkeresztúr
3 € / 0,5 dl glass
Szent Tamás Szamorodni 2008/ Tokaj, Má
7 € / 0,5 dl glass
Sárga Borház Eszencia 2007/ Mezőzombor
13 € / 2 cl


Company events

Partner party, Protocol events, Christmas party between 10-100 prs, Cocktail party, Buffet standing or sitting event, Press conference, Business dinner or lunch

Family events

Bacherolette and stag party, Limousin dinner, Wedding anniversary event, Birthday party, Graduate party or meeting

Wedding  Details

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Allergic information (pdf)


Duck liver, fruit mille feuille, hazelnuts14 €
Saint-Marselin cheese, saffron brioch, bell pepper jam12 €
Grilled squid, merguez, potatoes with paprika sauce11 €
Cesar salad, marinated prawns, parmesan 13 €


Citrus prawn soup with bok choy9 €
Beef broth with dumplings8 €
Cold potato cream soup with parsley variation6 €
Traditional beef Goulash soup with dumplings8 €

Main courses

Crab cake with cauliflower variation19 €
Waffle with truffle potatoes and mushrooms11 €
Sea trout with fennel, root vegetables, and garlic sauce17 €
Rack of lamb, bean stew29 €
Free-range chicken breast “brassoi” style16 €
Duck breast with vanilla kohlrabi, turnip, thyme, and sour cherries17 €
Chuck-eye steak, prosciutto, bacon, and cucumber17 €
Castan veal Onglet19 €
Hungarian rib-eye steak with breaded celery and pepper sauce49 €
Pigeon breast with savoy cabbage and greaves dumplings22 €
Ox, root vegetable cream sauce, dumplings17 €
Breaded mangalica pork, potatoes with parsley, cucumber salad17 €


Coconut, mango, pineapple8 €
Raw, vegan “Flodni”8 €
Somlo sponge cake in glass7 €
Chocolate symphony8 €

Chefs Offer

CHEF MENU August39 €
Trout tartar, lime aioli0 €
Cold peach soup, almond, minth meringue, peach cuthney0 €
Pikr perch, lemon pasta, lobster sauce, prawn0 €
Truffle mille feuille, rhubarb, fig0 €
Cold peach soup, almond, minth meringue, peach cuthney6 €
Spiced spare ribs, bacon ratte potato, marinated onion16 €
Duck leg, oyster mushroom, quinoa, beetroot13 €
Truffle mille feuille, rhubarb, fig10 €


Family Events

  • Bachelorette or stag party
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Private dinner
  • Limousine Dinner
  • wedding anniversary
  • Bithday partys
  • graduation party
  • graduation meeting

Company events

  • Partner Party
  • Protokolar events
  • Grill party
  • Christmas party between10 és 100 prs
  • Cocktail party
  • Buffet standing or sittong events
  • Press conferece
  • Business dinnerr or lunch

A rendezvényekhez igények szerinti programot és zenét is biztosítunk.


After years of experience and many sucesful parties, we recommend ourselves with a peace of mind if you lookfor the right place for your weddnig event.

Our fine elegant Panoramic room has place for 110 person. In our intimate small room, the Classic room has place for 50 persons. Our big covered garden is unique in our capital city, it has place for 200 persons in two level.

We can organize your wedding ceremony as well in our garden or in the Classic room.

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Our actually dishes from the menu
Panorama room
The new Castan Room

We would like to show a brief insight from our life in the restaurant.

We select our wines and ingredients during such trips. We find new friends and partnerships.  We use  ideas from these travels from what we taste (the regional cuisine and wines) to create our new menu and wine card.   

We think, it is very important that, our colleagues can get to know the Hungarian regional cuisine, wines. That's why we take trips to the Hungarian wine regions several times in the year, so we can find new momentum, what we can hand over to our guest. 


  • St. Andrea Winary, Egerszalók, in the Eger region. Our friend, Gyuri was waiting for us
  • Agárdi Pálinka destillery next to the Velence lake
  • Villay Tolnay Winery on the Csobánc hill, in the Badasony region
  • Laposa Winery in Badacsony region (north side of he Balaton)
  • Orsolya Winery in Ostoros, the small village in Eger region
  • Légli Géza Winery, He is the new face of the region, old frend for us
  • Szepsy Winery, Mád in Tokaj region - We went to the Grandmaster
  • Boot Frigyes Winery in Béla, in Garam-Danube Region
  • At Franz Weninger in Balf, in Sopron region
  • Konyári János Winery, Balatonboglár region
  • Visited at Oremus in Tolcsva (Tokaj Region)
  • The Homola Winery in Paloznak (Balaton, Csopak region)
  • Visit in Mád (in Tokaj region) in the Holdvölgy Cellar
  • Barista training
  • The Kreinbacher Cellar in Somló


Our Partners

Our partners guarantee the quality of our food's commodity

  • Holdvölgy Pincészet Mád
  • Serfőző és Tsa. Húspalota Budafok
  • Sárvári Burgonya
  • BUONO! Olívaolaj- és tésztaszaküzlet
  • Francegourmetfoods
  • Liver Kft.
  • X.O. Foods
  • Csupa szörp
  • Gyulai Pálinka Manufaktúra Kft
  • Szamosszegi Pálinka House

Phone nr.: +36-1/209-1649
Fax: +36-1/365-5000
Reservation: etterem@busulojuhasz.hu


H-1118 Budapest, Gellért-hegy, Kelenhegyi út 58.

We are open every day between 12:00 and 24:00

If you'd like to take reservation within 24 hours, please contact us by phone!

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